How to Host a Wine Tasting at a Murder Mystery Party
Hosting a wine tasting party at (for example) our Sour Grapes Dinner Murder Mystery is a great way to do something fun, classy, and different with your friends. This article will be oriented toward Sour Grapes, but could be adapted to any wine-related mystery. Since Sour Grapes is an Italian Murder Mystery set at a Vineyard and Winery in Tuscany, Italy, you need to have Italian wines. So, it’s best to have the wine tasting prior to dinner during the first half of the game. You don’t want to...

Computer screen showing several people attending a virtual mystery game from Dinner Murder Mystery.

Teens and tweens enjoying a mystery party from Dinner Murder Mystery.
Do we have any Dinner Murder Mystery games appropriate for teens or tweens? Yes we do.

The Goal of a Murder Mystery Game
What is the goal of a Murder Mystery game? Well... the obvious is to solve the mystery. However, another goal is to have fun with friends and have a memorable evening.

Decorating a tablescape for a Dinner Murder Mystery
Tips and tricks for decorating a tablescape for a dinner murder mystery game or party.

A Notebook comes in handy at a Dinner Murder Mystery party
A notebook, notepad or even some paper and a pen to jot down things you hear or want to investigate further during your mystery can be useful.

What sets our Dinner Murder Mystery games apart?
Our Dinner Murder Mystery games are designed to play directly from your cellphone.

Check out our Spotify playlists for your Murder Mystery Parties
Check out our free Spotify Playlists. Atmosphere at your Dinner Murder Mystery game is everything and creates an illusion that is exciting for your guests.

How is the murderer revealed?
In our Dinner Murder Mystery games the murderer is revealed in an Mp3 Audio Solution which is played at the end of the game.

Dinner Murder Mystery games can all be played from a cell phone
Our mysteries are different from most other murder mysteries out there because all of our games can be played right from a cellphone or any digital device.

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