Cloak and Data, a computer murder mystery game.

Cloak and Data, a Computer Murder Mystery Game.

“My mom isn't famous for her pies. No, she's famous for defusing a nuclear device in Brussels with only a pair of cuticle scissors and a ponytail holder.”

― Ally Carter

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Cloak and Data, a high-tech computer murder mystery game.
Cloak and Data, a high-tech computer murder mystery party game.
Cloak and Data Org Chart of Characters
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Cloak and Data, an innovative high-tech company set in Silicon Valley has developed a cloaking device that reduces interference in photonic computer chips that run on light instead of electrical current. Their technology is highly protected from theft.  However, while everyone has been preparing for tonight’s company party there are those within the company who have been preoccupied with a problem of enormous proportions. 


When computer specialist Bob Boolean and colleague, Freda Fund start talking to each other they discover someone is stealing the company’s secrets. Just two days ago Bob was found dead in his office, while Freda Fund has gone missing.  Is Freda still alive? Was espionage involved, engaging in a conspiracy for the benefit of another government? Or is it the case of a disgruntled employee ratting out his company to make it rich by going to a rival company? 


It has been a pretty rough few days at the office at Cloak and Data, being surrounded by suspicion and danger. Tonight at the company party, as the evening progresses another individual meets a tragic end, leaving the rest of those in attendance, including you,  as suspects in the crime, with the uncanny possibility of more sinister intrigue taking place in this interactive computer murder mystery game by Dinner Murder Mystery.


This game can be used seasonally;  for example, it can be set at Christmas, New Year's, July 4th, Halloween, or alternatively as a company or end-of-project party.  It has been designed to give flexibility to the host.


Available in 20-character version, with two additional 10-character packages available.


Click here to see our Hosting Overview page for details on how to host a Mystery.


Click here to see our Content Rating, which summarizes the age appropriateness of this game.

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For the Host

Cloak and Data takes place at a company party. The type of party has been left vague deliberately. It can be a company celebration or team building party.  Alternatively it can be a seasonal celebration... such as Christmas, New Year's, Halloween... or any given time, depending on whatever the host chooses.

Your package includes: detailed instructions, a timeline. a character-assignment spreadsheet, digital invitations, digital assignments and lots more. Also included are  Award Certificates (best costume, etc.), name tags and guest name plates.

For the Guests

We provide all the information you'll need to give your guests, including character profiles, dress suggestions, information to share at  their discretion, and confidential (secret) information about their character and others.


Each guest has their own private web page with the above information, and another page for after dinner with more secrets and suggested actions.

What You'll Get

Digital Awards Voting


Example of the awards voting screen the Host has access to at the end of the Mystery. Once the guests have all voted for Best M/F Actor, Actress, Costume and guessed at who the the Murderer is, the Host can access the voting results online in real-time.


Sample Pirates Plunder voting results

Digital Character Assignment

Example of the digital character assignment that you will get as an editable PDF that you can send to your friends once they have RSVPed that they are attending. It can be used to tell them what character they will be playing and give them a link to all their character information.


Sample Cloak and Data character assignment

Digital Guest Invitation

Small example of the digital invitation that you will get as an editable PDF that you can send to your friends to invite them to the Mystery.


Sample Cloak and Data invitation

 Click blue links below for examples:

  • Digital Invitations
  • Digital Character Assignments.
  • Spotify Suspense Playlist for host
  • Host directions
  • Detailed player guides
  • Audio mp3 Introduction and written Introduction
  • Audio mp3 Solution and written Solution
  • Decorative posters
  • Automated voting tool
  • Props, costume ideas
  • Playing tips
  • Company Org Charts for 20, 30 or 40 characters
  • Documents, Award Certificates
  • Name tags to print
  • Table Name plates to print
  • Immediate access to all the above from computer, tablet or phone.
  • Check out our blog posts and FAQ for more information.


Cloak and Data

Dinner Murder Mystery Cloak and Data, 20-character version. Delivered electronically.

Dinner Murder Mystery Cloak and Data, 20-character version. Delivered electronically.


Cloak and Data - 10 Extra Characters

Ten extra characters for Cloak and Data. Can be purchased after buying the 20-character Standard edition if you need to add extra characters.

 Can be used in pairs of two (i.e., you don't need exactly 10 more guests, you can have 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 more).


Cloak and Data - 10 MORE Extra Characters

Ten MORE extra characters for Cloak and Data. Can be purchased after buying the 20-character Standard edition, if you need to add extra characters, or after purchasing the first 10 extra characters. Two of the characters can be male or female, depending on who you're inviting.