Hosting Overview

Hosting Overview

“I specialize in murders of quiet, domestic interest.”   ― Agatha Christie

How it Works

Introductory Trailer (1:51)

Dinner Murder Mystery Introduction

Digital Awards Voting


Example of the awards voting screen the Host has access to at the end of the Mystery. Once the guests have all voted for Best M/F Actor, Actress, Costume and guessed at who the the Murderer is, the Host can access the voting results online in real-time.


Sample Spies in London character assignment


Digital Character Assignment


Example of the digital character assignment that you will get as an editable PDF that you can send to your friends once they have RSVPed that they are attending. It can be used to tell them what character they will be playing and give them a link to all their character information.


Sample Spies in London character assignment


Here is an overview of hosting a mystery party:

Digital Guest Invitation


Small example of the digital invitation that you will get as an editable PDF that you can send to your friends to invite them to the Mystery.


Sample Cloak and Data invitation

  • Invite guests using our digital editable PDF invitations.
  • Once guests RSVP, assign them characters that have given personalities, backgrounds, motives and include dress suggestions.
  • Send guests our digital editable PDF character assignments.
  • Play audio mp3 introductions to the game or present it yourself.
  • Play music playlist for your particular game. Click here. 
  • At your party guests will mingle, interact, make accusations and perform tasks while figuring out the backstory and the murderer.
  • Dinner is served. Toward the end of dinner, additional secrets and interactions are given. Also, the detective in charge will share pertinent information about the on-going investigation.
  • As sleuthing draws to a close, guests will vote digitally using our automated voting tool on awards for best actor/actress, best costume and the murderer. Voting is done via your guests' cellphones and results are calculated automatically for the host.  The host will be given a link to the results. This is a huge time saver and sets our games apart from most other mysteries that are done manually.
  • Before the solution is revealed guests can share their secrets, although the murderer cannot reveal who he/she is at this point..
  • The solution is revealed via our audio mp3 solution or optionally can be read by the detective.
  • Awards are presented.

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