About Us

About Us

“A good friend will help you move ... a true friend will help you move a body.”

― Steven J. Daniel

Bride in mystery game
Pirate and wench in mystery game
Girls dressed as flappers in mystery game
Creators of Dinner Murder Mystery party games

In 2008 we wrote our first mystery, Murder in Deadwood for our niece who was hosting a young-adult party in Snohomish, WA. She was newly married and was thrilled to be able to wear her wedding dress again by playing the character of Penelope Marrimore at the Black Hills Inn wedding.


Word got out and the following year we wrote Pirate’s Plunder which we hosted for our daughter's sorority at the University of Washington. It was so popular that we were asked to write another mystery for the same group the following year, which became our third mystery, The Joker’s Wild. Since then we have written more games and hosted games for church groups, friends, family and small businesses. Our mysteries are so much fun and we have had so much positive feedback that we have decided to share them with everyone.


What separates our mysteries from others we've seen is that our games can all be played from a cell phone or electronic device without a lot of paperwork.  We currently have over 400 webpages (and counting) across all of our games, although most are character information, and so are hidden until purchase.  Our mysteries are also detail-oriented.  They are interactive, although our characters are given secrets and tasks to do as they mingle. They have more interactions than many mysteries we've seen, keeping it exciting until the end. We have also extensively researched each time period and location in which our mysteries are set in order to create atmosphere.


We have had so much fun from our games that we have created more, and more are coming! We are currently working on our Armchair Mysteries Series which can be played with a small group at home or over video conferencing. See here.  We want your experience with a Dinner Murder Mystery game to be entertaining, joyful and unforgettable; one which your friends will be reminiscing about until the next one!


Top picture: Our niece hosting our first game in her wedding dress as Penelope Marrimore in our western murder mystery game, Murder in Deadwood.


Second picture: Our son and daughter-in-law who came as Blacktooth and Paula Plank in our pirate murder mystery game, Pirate's Plunder.


Third picture: Our daughter's sorority at the University of Washington at our third game, a roaring 20's murder mystery, The Joker's Wild.  Our daughter is the cute girl in the middle wearing the headband.


Bottom picture: Chuck and Julia, co-authors of Dinner Murder Mystery as we enjoy our shared interest in murder mysteries.  Julia is the creator of the mysteries, with inspiration and contributed ideas from Chuck.  Chuck is the creator of the website, with Julia pitching in here and there.  Together we make a great team.  Our dog, Penny, is in the picture because she has an inquisitive mind and is cute.