The Goal of a Murder Mystery Game
What is the goal of a Murder Mystery game? Well... the obvious is to solve the mystery. However, another goal is to have fun with friends and have a memorable evening.

A Notebook comes in handy at a Dinner Murder Mystery party
A notebook, notepad or even some paper and a pen to jot down things you hear or want to investigate further during your mystery can be useful.

Dinner Murder Mystery games can all be played from a cell phone
Our mysteries are different from most other murder mysteries out there because all of our games can be played right from a cellphone or any digital device.

Chose a killer venue to set the mood
If you don’t really want to host a party in your home for various reasons consider using Peerspace if it is available in your location.

Should I give gifts to the winner?
Giving gifts at a Dinner Murder Mystery party is totally up to you and your budget. Gifts don’t have to be expensive, but it’s more about the “Wow” of winning.

Managing issues with guests at a Dinner Murder Mystery
Here are some late-breaking guest-attendance scenarios you may encounter.

Assigning Characters to your Friends  for a Mystery Party
Here are a couple of tips for assigning friends (or enemies, for that matter) to characters. Once you've got the proper number of RSVPs, you're ready to assign characters to your friends that are attending. There are a couple of rules of thumb for this.

Yes, You Can Host a Murder Mystery
You can host a Murder Mystery, and it's a lot of fun. We went from buying one to writing several. It's a blast for your friends to dress up, come over and play parts...