Chose a killer venue to set the mood

Mysterious venue, a good setting for an exciting Dinner Murder Mystery party game.

If you really don’t want to host a party in your home for various reasons consider using Peerspace if it is available in your location. We at Dinner Murder Mystery have no vested interest in Peerspace, other than they seem to have some cool options. Peerspace offers some historic buildings, large and small homes, historic warehouses, studios, art galleries, eclectic places and more to rent by the hour. Look for a place that fits your Dinner Murder Mystery theme. The above picture, for example, has a rather scary look to it, enhancing the thrill of mystery. Some places are surprisingly inexpensive. The great thing is that you can look for a venue that works for your particular murder mystery game. For example, if you are playing Spies in London, our World War II 1940’s Dinner Murder Mystery game, you may want to rent a place that has several rooms like that which you would find in an English manor house. Or if you are playing our 1920’s Joker’s Wild prohibition game, a speakeasy venue with a stage would be awesome. Select a venue that will work for your Murder Mystery themed party.


If Peerspace isn’t an option, or doesn’t have anything to your liking, try checking out farms that rent out their barns, or wedding venues in the off-season. Sometimes the local church will let you host a party for a small fee. We have hosted murder mystery games at both churches and also in back rooms of small restaurants. Some schools allow groups to use their facilities such as a school gymnasium. Other ideas are a party boat if the weather is nice, or a conference room in a local hotel. There are many options out there and not all of them cost an arm and a leg. The main thing is to pick a place that has ambiance that you could easily decorate to fit your theme.


There are a variety of games that we offer here at Dinner Murder Mystery including a 1920's murder mystery party, cowboys set in a western murder mystery, a pirate murder mystery, a London mystery game, a wine mystery game, and a data computer mystery game.