Spies in London - Brief Character Descriptions

“ Why does anyone commit murder?' he asked in a low voice. I blinked. 'How should I know?' 'Three reasons,' Christopher said. He held up one finger. 'Love.' Another finger. 'Revenge.' And finally, a third finger. 'Profit...'”

― Meg Cabot

Andrew Ackerley - Lord, 7th Baron of Ackerley and Member of Parliament, reporting directly to PM Winston Churchill - You are a wealthy lord and have inherited an amazing estate in Shropshire from your father, the 6th Baron of Ackerley. You own a small manor house in Reading, close to London from where you are hosting this top secret meeting at the request of the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill.


Barbara Bits - A Bletchley Circle Code Breaker Official - You are a brilliant analyst with a remarkable ability to connect unrelated bits of information and detect patterns. You are a Londoner and your genius has been recognized and as a result you are working at Bletchley Circle as an official code breaker.


Bobby Bates - Scotland Yard Official - You are a British police detective who works for Scotland Yard but you went undercover to root out a Nazi spy in Britain's decoding organization. You are at this meeting of Britain’s top intelligence personnel to share the information you have uncovered with some very important people.


Bruce Bixby - US Airforce Squadron Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Bruce Bixby - You are a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Air Force and have had a military career for nearly twenty years. You are a squadron commander and have majors and senior captains reporting directly to you.


Christopher Clayton - MI-9 Army Intelligence officer for the War Office - You are a part of MI-9 Army Intelligence, a secret organization set up to help prisoners of war escape from Axis camps and temporary holding facilities.


Eve Drops - Director in Charge Surveillance Systems including M (Microphoned) Rooms - As a quiet and seriously minded young woman you are the director in charge of surveillance systems reporting on M-Room Operations. You and your team are surveilling the Trent House in North London, where high ranking German prisoners-of-war are being held in a luxurious estate called Trent House. You are excited to be playing this critical role in the war effort.


Freda Flightland - Director of the WA­AFs (Women’s Auxiliary Air Force) and a pilot for the ATA (Air Transport Auxiliary) - You are a member of the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) and also a pilot for the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA), a civilian service tasked with the delivery of aircraft from factories to the squadrons of the RAF and Royal Navy and the delivery of supplies.


Helga Ackerley - Lady, Countess from the Bavarian Court - You are Lady Helga Ackerley, the Countess Helga Von Schneider from the Bavarian Court. You immigrated to Britain in 1929 after marrying Lord Ackerley. You currently have agreed to help the British war effort with Operation Corona, speaking German to impersonate German air controllers, broadcasting false orders to confuse German fighter pilots.


Jane Joubert - Maid at the Manor House - You temporarily work as a maid for Lord and Lady Ackerley at their home in Reading and although it’s not challenging for your quick mind, for now it’s a job. You work with an annoying butler, and an extremely bossy housekeeper while coping with the detriments and the tiresomeness of war in England. You have been a young war widow for two years now. Your husband was French and in the French Resistance.


Johnny Johnson - Flight Lieutenant "RAF Intelligence" As an RAF Flight Lieutenant and Intelligence Officer with the Secret Intelligence Service your branch encompasses the Signal and Imagery Intelligence staff. You work with Senior RAF Intelligence Officers from operational commands, and certain Naval and Army Intelligence Officers. Your work is profound and covert. Tonight you are meeting with high level officials to share intelligence in preparation for the D-Day invasion.


Malcolm Masterly - An MI-5 Agent in charge of the Double Cross System – You are an MI-5 agent in charge of the Double Cross System where you retrain Nazi spies to work for the allies. Unlike prisoners of war, spies are sentenced to death as a rule. The alternative for them is cooperating with the allies and allowing them to live. You came to this meeting to both discuss important information being translated to the Germans.


Sandy Shadow – British Spy - You are a British spy and an especially clever woman working for the SOE (Special Operations Executive) covertly in occupied France assisting the French Resistance. You use a code name and no one knows who you are or even that you are a woman. You have a photographic memory and the SOE sought to bring you back to London for this important meeting and an in-person debriefing.