Dinner Murder Mystery

“I know it sounds like it was all just a terrible disaster. Of course it does. Any situation involving four dead bodies is clearly far from ideal.”   ― Lisa Jewell

Dinner Murder Mystery parties, a unique game to be played at home or on location of all themes for all types of people!

Want to solve a murder?   At a Dinner Murder Mystery party you and your friends can dress up as murderous pirates, politicians, CEOs, actresses, sheriffs, gangsters,  spies, wine connoisseurs and more and solve a fictitious murder. Games can all be played from a cell phone or electronic device without paperwork. 


Mystery games are set in exotic locations and eras such as the Wild West, the Caribbean, London just prior to D-Day, Silicon Valley, Tuscany in Italy, Chicago in the 1920's and more.

Check out our Mysteries below

Sour Grapes

Sour Grapes, an Italian Vineyard in Tuscany winery dinner murder mystery game.

Sour Grapes is set at an Italian vineyard in Tuscany and this game can ideally be accompanied with a wine tasting.  (See our blog on wine tasting.)  The vineyard and winery have been owned and operated by the Giannini family for over six generations. This weekend they are introducing a new Chianti Classico.  A wine tour and subsequent wine tasting party is ensuing. Guests include tourists, staff, wine connoisseurs, investors and competitors. Unfortunately a tragedy occurs on the vineyard grounds.  Is it an accident... or is it murder?

Pirate's Plunder

Pirates plunder, a pirate themed dinner murder mystery game.

In the Caribbean city of Port Royal in Jamaica in the mid-17th century, a mystery unfolds which takes place among some of the most cutthroat villains the world has ever known. 


 Tame (Youth friendly) version available.

Murder in Deadwood

Murder in Deadwood, a cowboy Wild West dinner murder mystery game

You are invited to a wedding at the Black Hills Inn, set in the Wild West in the historic town of Deadwood.  Meet characters such as Wild Bill Hiphop, Kitty "Wildcat" Butane, and Rusty Sparks (a restless cowboy who doesn't let his spurs get tarnished).  You will discover that there is more to the town of Deadwood  than the first syllable of its name.


Tame (Youth friendly) version available.

The Joker's Wild

The Joker's Wild, a roaring 1920's mobsters dinner murder mystery party.

Join us at a speakeasy on the south side of Chicago in the Roaring 20's where notorious mobsters lead the bootlegging business and run protection rackets and casinos.  Meet the McQueen brothers, owners of The Joker's Wild, investigative reporter Sally Scoop , the sultry jazz singer Iris Azure and many more. 

Spies in London

Spies in London, a D-Day 1940's London England dinner murder mystery party.

Who is a spy... a murderer?  Who infiltrated the top secret meeting? Can you save the war effort? This spy thriller is set in London, England in May 1944, just one month prior to D-Day and the allied invasion of Normandy.  Spies in London takes place as a war is raging across Europe.  With German bombs dropping nightly, a conspiracy is unraveled involving enemy spies in a dangerous world of covert operations and espionage.

Cloak and Data

Cloak and Data, a high-tech cyber crimes dinner murder mystery game.

Intellectual property theft and murder take place in this Silicon Valley murder mystery party game.  Can you solve this crime? Cloak and Data, an innovative high-tech company is having its annual party with some of the most successful and highly skilled individuals known in the tech world. While everyone has been preparing for tonight’s party, there are those within the company who have been preoccupied with a problem of enormous proportions. 

Armchair Mysteries - Coming Soon

Armchair Mysteries, help the team solve virtually at home or with family.

Join Blake McCallum and Victoria Wright at McCallum & Wright Detective Agency and their team of experts in our newest line of mysteries. Armchair Mysteries allow you to become a private investigator right from your own armchair. You have immediate access to an online mystery investigation which can be solved alone or with a small group of friends and family either in person or over Zoom.

Note:  All characters appearing in our Dinner Murder Mystery games are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental, except for well-known historical figures.

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