Sour Grapes accommodates from 14 to 20 players.  This game ideally can be paired

with a wine tasting.  See our blog on wine tasting.

“I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.”

― W. C. Fields

Sour Grapes, a wine-tasting murder mystery party game.

Video Trailer for Sour Grapes (1:36)

Sour Grapes is an interactive Dinner Murder Mystery party game set at an Italian vineyard and winery in Tuscany, owned and operated by the Giannini family for over six generations. This weekend the Giannini’s are celebrating the introduction of a new Chianti Classico. A wine tour and subsequent wine tasting party is ensuing. In fact, you are all the lucky guests. In addition to the usual tourists, guests include the Giannini family, vineyard staff, wine connoisseurs, vineyard investors, wine critics and competitors checking them out. <br /> <br /> A good time was being had by all, until Marvin Morrison, an influential wine critic and editor of the prestigious <i>The Fine Wine Life</i>, is found dead on the vineyard grounds. Could it be he foraged for sought-after white truffles in the woods by the sprawling oak trees and ate some poisoned mushrooms? Did he drink some bad wine? Was foul play involved? Come and find out in this winery murder mystery game! <br /> <br /> <b><i>This game ideally could be hosted in combination with a wine-tasting party.</b> See our blog post (<a href=""><b>Click here</b></a>) on Hosting a Wine Tasting at this mystery. If alcohol is used, guests should be of legal drinking age. Of course, if yours guests drink too much wine, make sure they get safely home without driving.</i>

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Dinner Murder Mystery Sour Grapes 14-20-character version. Delivered electronically immediately.


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An extra ten characters for Sour Grapes - can be purchased with or after buying the initial game. These characters are four female and four male, plus two written non-specifically, to give you flexibility to invite 4 men and 6 women or vice-versa, or 5 of each. 


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Click  here to see our blog post on How to Host a Wine Tasting at a Murder Mystery Party - they are perfect events to pair together.

Click here to see our Hosting Overview page for details on how to host a Mystery.

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For the Host

Sour Grapes  takes place at a wine tasting party at a picturesque vineyard in Italy.  As host, this is a great opportunity to combine a wine-tasting party with a murder mystery game.

Your package includes: detailed instructions, a timeline. a character-assignment spreadsheet, digital invitations, digital assignments, a wine scoring sheet and lots more. Also included are  Award Certificates (best costume, etc.), name tags and guest name plates.  Yes, it's still possible to wear costumes even in a modern day mystery!

This game is designed for 21 years and older since it is set at a winery and may very well include wine tasting.

For the Guests

We provide all the information you'll need to give your guests, including character profiles, dress suggestions, Initial information to share at their discretion, and additional (secret) information about their character and others.


Each guest has their own private web page with the above information, and another page for after dinner with more secrets and suggested actions.

What You'll Get



Digital Awards Voting


Example of the awards voting screen the Host has access to at the end of the Mystery. Once the guests have all voted for Best M/F Actor, Actress, Costume and guessed at who the the Murderer is, the Host can access the voting results online in real-time.


Sample voting results

Digital Character Assignment

Example of the digital character assignment that you will get as an editable PDF that you can send to your friends once they have RSVPed that they are attending. It can be used to tell them what character they will be playing and give them a link to all their character information.


Sample Sour Grapes character assignment

Digital Guest Invitation

Small example of the digital invitation that you will get as an editable PDF that you can send to your friends to invite them to the Mystery.


Sample Cloak and Data invitation

 Click blue links below for examples:

  • Digital Invitations
  • Digital Character Assignments.
  • Spotify Italian Playlist for host
  • Host directions
  • Detailed player guides
  • Audio mp3 Introduction and written Introduction
  • Audio mp3 Solution and written Solution
  • Decorative posters
  • Automated voting tool
  • Props, costume ideas
  • Playing tips
  • Documents, Award Certificates
  • Name tags to print
  • Table Name plates to print
  • Wine Scoring Sheet to print (if doing a wine tasting with this mystery)
  • Immediate access to all the above from computer, tablet or phone.
  • Check out our blog posts and FAQ for more information.

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