Pirate's Plunder - Brief Character Descriptions

“I admit," I said, "that a second murder in a book often cheers things up.”

Hastings, Agatha Christie

Abigail Braithwaite – The Governor’s youngest daughter and the apple of his eye. It is rumored that Abby is ambitious and plans to follow in her father’s footsteps by becoming the first female governor of Port Royal upon her father’s retirement.


 Benito De Soto - A notorious aristocratic and patronizing Portuguese privateer in the service of Ferdinand VI and the Spanish crown. A sworn enemy of the British buccaneers and pirates at Port Royal, De Soto is captain of the Viento Caliente, which means “Warm Wind.” This villainous pirate has stolen many a cargo from British ships and has sold them. He has, however, lost several fortunes thanks to the British. He is one of the three Pirates of Skull Island – in league with Blacktooth and the Pirate Charlie Cutlass.


Blacktooth – The notorious pirate of the pirate ship The Black Jewel who has been robbing British cargo vessels near the Caribbean and terrorizing the colonists on the North and South Carolina coasts. Blacktooth is one of the three treacherous Pirates of Skull Island, in league with Charlie Cutlass and Benito De Soto.


Blind Bill Blight – The Imperial’s cook - often called “Poisonous Bill” by the crew due to the inordinate number of deaths from food poisoning aboard ship. Bill is blind in one eye after an unfortunate sword fighting wound inflicted upon him by the evil pirate, Charlie Cutlass. He consequently wears an eye patch.


Blythe Bullion –A gold dealer with a thriving establishment in Port Royal. Blythe is eager to exchange gold with anyone in town willing to do business.


Bonny O'Shea - An Irish woman who was in the Bahamas and joined the privateer ship Defiance, belonging to Privateer Buck Caneer. Bonny dressed as a man in order to escape a bad situation. When Caneer was in port in the Bahamas, she captured his vessel and headed out to sea; she knows Caneer has a score to settle with her.


Buck Caneer - A swashbuckling British privateer, invited by Governor Braithwaite to base his ship at Port Royal. It has been rumored that Caneer robbed French and Spanish ships and returned to Port Royal with his plunder, helping make the governor one of the most prosperous men in the Caribbean. Buck also rescued the Governor’s daughters from harm and is forever in the Governor’s good graces.


Captain Samuel Scurvy (deceased) - Royal Naval Captain of the British vessel The HMS Imperial, he arrived at Port Royal to resupply after a trip to the American colonies. Scurvy was about to return to England until a shocking murder cut his life short.


Charlie Cutlass – A pirate foe of Buck Caneer and known to associate with the less savory element in the dockyards of Port Royal. His ship, Black Timbers, is eminent and feared in the Caribbean. He lost one hand in a sword fight against Buck Caneer and now uses a hook. He makes the most of his hook by fighting with his sword and hook at the same time. Cutlass is in league with Blacktooth and Benito De Soto, and the three are known as the Pirates of Skull Island. Cutlass has a soft spot for the Black Timbers galley wench, the feisty Gypsy Jane, who is said to be the only one who can keep him in line.


Constable Bobby Bailey - Works for the Port Royal Constabulary as a policeman and is answerable directly to the governor. Bobby has seen a considerable amount of crime in these parts with criminals and villains aplenty.


Constance Bates – A maid at the Governor’s Mansion. She was once friends with Paula Plank before Paula got involved with that despicable pirate, Blacktooth.


Dangerous Dan Roper – The Gallows Master that works for Governor Braithwaite. For many, justice in Port Royal means the gallows, and Dangerous Dan is the one responsible for putting the guilty there.


Elizabeth Braithwaite – Sophisticated wife of the Governor of Port Royal. Sources close to her say that she is being blackmailed by someone.


First Officer William Tate of The HMS Imperial - Trusted officer of Captain Samuel Scurvy. He will now take the place of Captain Scurvy aboard ship following the Captain’s murder.


Governor Sir Reginald Braithwaite – The Governor of Port Royal who lives a life of indulgence at the Governor’s Mansion, the most luxurious home on the island.


Gypsy Jane – Flamboyant Galley Wench aboard the Black Timbers belonging to Charlie Cutlass, and a real spitfire; she will make anyone who crosses her regret their actions. Jane spent her younger years nomadically traveling around Europe with her Romanian gypsy parents.


Jeweler Shane Robbins - Port Royal's most sought after jeweler. Robbins love interest is Blythe Bullion and he is also a business associate. He has both made and sold jewelry for some of the wealthier clientele in the city.


Mademoiselle Isabella Benoir - A rescued French noblewoman aboard Buccaneer’s ship – she dislikes Rose Braithwaite and makes no secret of it. Isabella was held hostage on the Portuguese vessel, Viento Caliente, by Captain Benito De Soto and fell in love with this handsome scoundrel.


Mademoiselle Maria Montague - Isabella Benoir’s French lady-in-waiting who willingly traveled with her to the French Caribbean Island of Martinque until they were captured by Benito De Soto.


 Paula Plank - Blacktooth’s roguish young girlfriend who will soon be wed to him.


Quincy Blake Esquire - Attorney at Law – A Port Royal attorney in the service of Governor Braithwaite, and some of the wealthier pirates in town. Blake is privy to a lot of private financial information.


Rose Braithwaite - The Governor’s beautiful oldest daughter who was previously kidnapped by Captain Benito De Soto, the Portuguese privateer, and later rescued by the dashing and courageous Buck Caneer. Rose is informally engaged to Sir Walter Wisp the Governor’s Minister of Finance, upon her father’s advice but is nevertheless drawn to the dashing and handsome Buck Caneer.


Samantha Slab – The wife of the owner of the local funeral parlor. She is known for visiting the sick at their bedside, but not to comfort the soon-to-be deceased; to scout out their possessions before they enter eternity. She loves jewelry and rumor has it that she occasionally steals gold watches and jewelry from her husband’s dead clientele prior to burial.


Stan Slab – The Port Royal Undertaker, and a rather sinister individual. He is known for visiting the sick at their bedside, but not to comfort the soon-to-be deceased; rather to scout out their possessions before they enter into eternity. Rumor has it that he occasionally steals gold watches and jewelry from his dead clientele prior to burial. He often frequents the Port Royal pawn shop and also sells gold to Blythe Bullion. With so many pirate brawls and fights in this port town and mysterious murders down in the dockyards business has been thriving.


Sir Walter Wisp - The Governor’s confidante and Minister of Finance; informally engaged to Rose Braithwaite, the Governor’s oldest daughter.


Tess Trevelyan – An island wench who works in the local Dark Dog Inn at Port Royal. Tess is often privy to a lot of information floating around Port Royal which she overhears while waitressing at the Dark Dog Inn.


Vicar Sted Fast - A dissolute Lancashire clergyman defrocked for corruption and fighting with some in his congregation. Vicar Fast left England in disgrace and started a new life in Port Royal as the vicar of the parish.


Widow Sylvia Scurvy - Captain Scurvy’s seafaring widow, a strong-minded woman who married for love instead of money.