Cloak and Data - Brief Character Descriptions

Cloak & Data Brief Character Descriptions

“There are four kinds of homicide: felonious, excusable, justifiable, and praiseworthy...”

― Ambrose Bierce

Annie Asset is a motivated analytical and financial guru with a solid understanding of accounting. She has several professional certifications and hopes for a rewarding career at Cloak and Data. The financial performance of the company is vitally important to her. Annie has a small crush on Danny Digital and consequently is trying to learn pickleball.


Ben Binary has always been interested in science, technology and mathematics. He is one of a number of programmers who works for Cloak and Data. He is currently writing code and doing some testing of applications to ensure that the code is free from error. Ben has recently taken up the hobby of drone flying. He is also hoping to date Cathy Cache, the Operations Lead at C and D.


Bob Boolean is the recently murdered member of the Cloak and Data team. Bob was a programmer in the IT department and had discovered unauthorized cloud usage which contained many gigabytes of company confidential data.


Cathy Cache is seen by the management at Cloak and Data as a solid individual who likes responsibility. As the IT Operations Lead she is responsible for keeping the production environment up and running, monitoring its health, and upgrading software.


Cindy Citation is part of the security team for Cloak and Data and she helps to maintain a safe and secure environment for employees and guests by patrolling and monitoring premises and personnel. It is rumored that Cindy has a crush on her boss, Ted Tactical.


Cookie Cloud is a programmer and she works on the application programming interface between the photonic chip firmware and higher level software. Cookie works closely with Nicholas Nano. She loves baking and often brings in goodies for the team.


Cynthia Cyber is the Research Lead at Cloak and Data and the devastated girlfriend of recently murdered Bob Boolean. Cynthia has been at home grieving since the awful incident and it is unknown at this point if and when she will return to work.


Danny Digital is an electrical and optical engineer who works with the design of the photonic cloaking system. Danny is an avid pickleball player and often travels to attend tournaments. He recently got his pilot's license.


Dee Tergent is the night supervisor for janitorial services at Cloak and Data and she diligently and efficiently keeps the building sanitary. Keeping up with custodial maintenance is non-negotiable for Dee and she does it in a friendly and outgoing way. Dee has had a rough couple of days since finding the body of Bob Boolean in his office while cleaning. Dee is attending law school and hopes to join the legal team at Cloak and Data in the future.


Freda Fund works in cost accounting in the finance department of Cloak and Data. She recently noticed a budget usage variance when IT was using more Cloud storage than forecast. She has been investigating this cost differential by talking to her colleague Bob Boolean in IT. Freda likes to get stamps in her passport by taking vacations to new and exotic locations. As an amateur photographer she has documented most of her trips.


Hank Habeas is a business lawyer in charge of the legal department at Cloak and Data. He currently has 12 different patents which are pending to protect Cloak and Data’s research and discovery. Hank comes from a wealthy family and is a member of the yacht club. He is often out in the San Francisco Bay on his 37’ Catalina Sailboat.


Harriet Hexadecimal is Director of Product Management at Cloak and Data and she is a passionate, creative and driven individual. Her team includes Product, Content and Marketing Managers and she helps shape the company’s overall business strategy. Harriet attends national and international trade shows where she talks about Cloak and Data’s revolutionary new product.


Harper Hashtag is the newly promoted Chief Marketing Officer at Cloak and Data working closely with the CEO/CFO Larry Linux and the CTO Linus Linux. She is in charge of the promotion of the company’s brand and oversees the creation of marketing campaigns and strategies, as well as online marketing and social media strategy. She is also in charge of a Branding Manager and a Marketing Manager. Harper is seen as a hard worker and often works long hours with little time for a social life of her own.


Larry Linux knows he is a little inexperienced for a permanent role as CEO and interim CFO, but as a 33 year-old financial genius he’s willing to give it a try. He was instrumental, along with his twin brother, Linus, in conceiving of the initial idea behind Cloak and Data. Together the brothers have forged a partnership and from there the company has grown into a rock star in Silicon Valley.


Linus Linux is a technical wiz, and CTO of Cloak and Data, an enviable position at the young age of 33. As an innovation-focused technologist, he has hit upon a genius idea and with some top research analysts, along with his twin brother has taken the company for a ride on the silicon highway. He is responsible for everything from creating strategy, cybersecurity to product development. Linus keeps an unusual schedule, sometimes working through the night and sleeping on a couch in his office.


Meg A. Byte is the Executive Assistant to CTO, Linus Linux. She loves her job and serves as a kind of gatekeeper to all those who are requesting to see him. She sees her role as an exciting one at Cloak and Data and acts proactively without much supervision. Meg often attends meetings with Linus, is privy to company secrets and on occasion attends meetings in his place.


Nicholas Nano is a highly paid PhD Electrical Engineer specializing in nanotechnology. He works on the cloaking between photonic devices to eliminate crosstalk. He is instrumental in the success of Cloak and Data. Nicholas has an H1B visa and would like to get a green card.


Paul Protocol is the DevOps Manager for Cloak and Data. He is currently streamlining the process of continually integrating development processes with production implementation. Paul has a hobby of making beer and he has a microbrewery in his basement at home. He loves to travel and goes to DevOps seminars all over the globe.


Quincy Query is a Database Administrator for Cloak and Data and he has impeccable attention to detail. He has been with the company since its inception and has a vested interest in its success. Quincy is retired from the Army special forces and believes that your most powerful weapon is your mind. However, he likes to go to the shooting range and reloads his own ammunition.


Reese Search is the Cloak and Data Scientific Research Manager. He looks at current and cutting edge new trends for applicability to Cloak and Data’s products. He evaluates these trends and develops 3 and 5 year research plans for the company. Reese’s wife is a real estate investor.


Ted Tactical knows as the head of the security team for Cloak and Data that to be successful those in the company rely on his team to have their backs. He maintains a safe and secure environment by patrolling and monitoring the premises and personnel, and has sometimes been accused of strong-arm tactics. He has been taking Krav Maga classes (Israeli martial art).


Tilly Terminate is the head of Human Resources at Cloak and Data and she assists in the administrative requirements of hiring and managing employees and at times has been a liaison between the employees and management. She helps with staffing needs and also with terminations and has a reputation as a tough and sometimes formidable individual.