The Joker's Wild - Brief Character Descriptions

“Truth will come to sight; murder cannot be hid long.”

― William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice

NOTE: The Joker's Wild accommodates having from 14 to 22 guests. All 22 are shown here. You can use the Character Guest Assignment document to choose which ones to use, if you have less than 22.


Ace McQueen, owner of The Joker’s Wild, is suave and debonair. He was once a card shark who saved up his winnings and now is two-thirds owner of the speakeasy. He seems to brush closely with the law but his close ties with ‘lady luck’ have always helped him evade trouble at the last minute. Ace has a hidden entrance into his establishment, hidden rooms and a hidden basement. Everything about him isn’t as it seems.


Al Capisce, Alleged crime lord from the Southside of Chicago. Bugsy Maroon, from the Chicago Northside was your sworn enemy and now he’s dead.


Billy Blues is a famous Jazz Musician and club manager at the Joker’s Wild. He is a cornet player who unexpectedly saved the life of Chicago’s Northside mobster, Frank the Enforcer. When Frank takes Billy under his wing, Frank’s girlfriend Dixie Dubois and Billy become dangerously entangled. Billy draws in a large clientele to the Joker’s Wild but there are some who don’t like his association with the Northside gangster.


Carla Corpsenheimer – German girlfriend of undertaker Phil Dirt. Carla immigrated to the United States after WWI from war torn Germany. Carla is mysterious and nobody knows much about her, except Phil. She has a thick German accent.


Diamond Lily McQueen, Ace McQueen’s wife is in love with her husband. She helped bank roll his financial ventures from an unknown source. She occasionally sings at the Joker’s Wild. True to her name, Lily always wears diamonds. Her brand new diamond necklace, a gift from Ace, disappears tonight at her birthday party.


Dixie Dubois is Frank the Enforcer’s unhappy girlfriend. Dixie is a chanteuse from a poor immigrant family on the wrong side of the tracks, but she has fallen in love with Jazz musician, Billy Blues. She knows, however, that if Frank ever finds out that Billy’s days, and perhaps hers, will be numbered.


Doc Henry Heimlich is a famous doctor but is also the close friend of Jack McQueen. They actually grew up together, attending the same schools, but ended up running in very different circles. He once saved Iris Azure from choking to death during dinner at the speakeasy by using a special maneuver. She is forever in his debt.


Dutch Baker - Mayor of Chicago. Dutch is soon to be running for re-election and needs all the support that he can muster. Dutch is the long-time friend of Pearl Button.


Edna Crashford is the wife of British ace fighter pilot, Wings Crashford. Edna’s biggest desire is to return home to England. She spends most of her time gossiping and telling everyone how she longs to return to her estate in the south of England. She believes that Wings would be knighted by King George V if they returned, due to his bravery in the Great War.


Frank “The Enforcer” Ferter is a bull-headed mobster from the Northside Gang. He is Capisce’s vowed enemy. He has been overheard declaring that his gang needs to wipe out Capisce and his Southside gang, or face elimination themselves. Frank is smitten by his femme fatale girlfriend, the alluring and seductive Dixie Dubois, whose charm has ensnared him.


Harry “the Hump” Humphrey – bouncer at the Joker’s Wild and potential gangster. The Hump is well known by ‘the family.’


Iris Azure is the eye-catching girlfriend to Jack McQueen. Iris is a night club singer and she performs regularly at the Joker’s Wild. Iris and Diamond Lily dislike each other. Molly McQueen also dislikes Iris because she thinks she’s a money grabber.


Jack McQueen, brother to Ace McQueen and one-third owner of The Joker’s Wild. Jack owns a large mansion on the Southside of Chicago. He is known for his lavish parties and is rumored to be a bootlegger. Jack is equally as handsome as his brother, Ace and considered quite the catch.


Jack Smack, Private Eye is as tough as he is handsome. A cynical, tough sleuth, he's his own man. Smack never seems to follow the same rules as everyone else and this can lead to some interesting situations. He’s at the Joker’s Wild tonight because he has been hired to track down a killer.


Jade Stone is a gangster’s moll – and girlfriend of Al Capisce. Jade once performed at Harlem’s famous Cotton Club, home to many talented performers and gangster molls. Capisce fell for this dame while visiting ‘family’ in NY.


Madison McKay - Flapper girlfriend to Mayor Baker. Madison comes from a wealthy family and has many financial and political connections. Madison has been known to go under an assumed name and use disguises to keep her identity a secret.


Molly McQueen, younger sister of Ace and Jack McQueen. Molly dislikes Ace’s wife, Diamond Lily. She has her eye on the rich and famous Dutch Baker, Mayor of Chicago.


Pearl Button, the overly emotional mother of Diamond Lily McQueen. Pearl was once a night club singer and she has aspirations for her daughter, Diamond. She dislikes Iris Azure and is jealously protective of her daughter.


Peter Racket, News columnist at the Chicago Tribune. Racket is currently covering a story on crime and bootlegging in Chicago. He is seasoned and somewhat jaded but Sally has gotten his competitive juices flowing. Peter is considered a scandalous and sensationalist reporter by many and he is scheming and prying. He loves to give tips and advice to his rival, the sensuous Sally Scoop. One day he is going to get himself into a heap of trouble. He has a reputation for liking the ladies.


Phil Dirt is the local undertaker for ‘the family.’ He is rumored to take gold fillings out of dead people’s teeth and occasionally steal their gold watches and rings and jewelry right before cremation or burial. He has also been rumored to process bodies before a funeral…however, this is all speculation. He comes from a long line of morticians., eve


Sally Scoop is an investigative reporter for the Chicago Flyer. Sally is green and eager, unlike her seasoned rival, Peter Racket, who works for the Chicago Tribune. Sally loves to scoop Racket. She is currently investigating the recent St. Valentine’s Day Massacre and trying to uncover the truth about what really happened.


Samantha Spade is the sultry partner to Private Eye Jack Smack. Samantha is a private eye in what is typically a man’s profession, even though it's the 1920's. She has street smarts and is a great asset to Smack as his partner. Some say that she is sweet on him.


Wings Crashford, a British Royal Air Force ace fighter pilot from WWI. Wings likes his pint of ale, and can’t understand these American laws that prohibit the use of alcohol. Some say that Wings now works on the rum rows supplying British rum to the Canadian rum runners.

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