Sour Grapes - Brief Character Descriptions

“The lowest and vilest alleys in London do not present a more dreadful record of sin than does the smiling and beautiful countryside.” ― Sherlock Holmes

Sour Grapes accommodates from 14 to 20 guests. All 20 are shown here. You can use the Character Guest Assignment document to choose which ones to use, if you have less than 20 guests.


Antonio Bianchi has a competing winery in the Tuscan valley and is Giannini’s fiercest competitor. The Bianchi farms recently came out with a new Cabernet  which they have perfected for the last few years.  The Giannini Winery is debuting their new Chianti Classico tonight at a wine tasting party.  Antonio and his wife, Eleonora plan to be there to check it out.


Anna Fabbri meets with the guided wine tours at the winery, serving wine and interacting with the tourists of behalf of the winery. She is also the attractive wife of Federico (Rico) Fabbri, who manages the winery.


Bianca Picini is the Polizia di Stato detective in charge of the investigation into the death of wine critic Marvin Morrison.


Bill Morrison loves working outside and worked for a Napa Valley vineyard as a viticulturist until he got the wander bug and took a job at Giannini’s vineyard. He is married to Jane Morrison.  Bill’s brother, wine critic Marvin Morrison, was just found dead on the vineyard grounds from a suspected poisoning.


Clare Chadwick moved to Italy as a child with her family from England and grew up in Tuscany. She is a lawyer, and enjoys visits the various vineyards in the area. She is excited to try the new Chianti Classico produced by the Giannini farms. She has known Stefano Giannini since their school years and was disappointed when he married Francesca.


Domenico Giannini is the owner of the Giannini Vineyard which has been in his family for six generations. Domenico remarried Mia after being a widower for a few years and now has his children and Mia’s son run the operations of the business.


Eleonora Bianchi is the wife of Antonio Bianchi and very proud and protective of their winery and their reputation in the Tuscany region, even though they are relative newcomers.


Ezra Beck is an American tourist and professional photographer who is traveling around Europe with his sister, Phoebe. Ezra enters his work in Travel magazines while his sister, Phoebe, writes articles to accompany his photographs. They decided to take a tour of Giannini’s Winery while in Tuscany as the scenery at the vineyard is a great setting for photographs and the new Chianti Classico also makes for a good article.


Federico (Rico) Fabbri manages winery operations and works directly for the Giannini family. Rico had had a tough day since finding the body of wine critic, Marvin Morrison, in the vineyard.


Francesca Giannini is the Sales and Marketing manager for the Giannini Vineyard and wife to Stefano Giannini. Francesca has worked at the Vineyard for three years and been married to Stefano for the past year and a half.


Giorgio Monti is the Cellar Manager at the winery and has several staff working for him. He has to be extremely precise with the conditions where the wine is stored and takes regular, daily tastings of each batch to make sure it’s where it should be.


Hans Frey is a Swiss entrepreneur who lives in Geneva and is a wine distributor, selling worldwide from Spain, France and Italy. He purchases a number of Italian wines, which he sells online and is interested in the new Chianti Classico produced by the Giannini farm. Hans also has a high-end restaurant in Geneva where he and his team have put a lot of effort into creating a delicious menu and accompanying wines. Hans hopes to get a great deal from the Giannini Vineyard.


Jane Morrison works at the winery as an office manager and runs daily tasks of scheduling wine tours and events and general bookkeeping. She is married to Bill Morrison and came to Italy with him from California. She is the sister-in-law of Marvin Morrison, the wine critic who was just found dead on the vineyard grounds.


Maria Monti is the wife of Giorgio Monti, the Cellar Manager at the winery. Maria has her own bakery business in town which she inherited from her parents, but sells baked goods to the winery for their wine tasting parties and wine tours.


Manuel Di Marco is the step-son of Domenico Giannini, owner of the vineyard and son of Mia (Di Marco) Giannini. Manuel feels overshadowed by the Giannini children and is constantly trying to prove his worth to his step-father and the Giannini family.


Mia (Di Marco) Giannini is the second wife of Domenico Giannini and has been married to him for over three years. She is emphatic that her son, Manuel is treated as an equal with the other family members. She sees her son as much more hard-working and deserving than the Giannini children.


Phoebe Beck is an American journalist and the sister of Ezra Beck. Together they have traveled around Europe for the past year submitting articles and photographs to travel magazines.


Stefano Giannini is the oldest son of Domenico Giannini and has been groomed to take over the running of the vineyard business. He is married to Francesca and they live in a small cottage on the property.


Victor Giannini is the youngest Giannini son and works doing odd jobs at the vineyard, from harvesting when things are busy, to cellar worker, lab technician, to helping Francesca in the sales office. He is learning the overall workings of the vineyard. Victor is handsome and known as a playboy.


Vittoria Giannini is the rather spoiled daughter of Domenico Giannini who has just turned up at the vineyard after been away at school in Lucerne, Switzerland for several years. She doesn’t really know or like her step-mother but she does like to toy with the affections of Manuel Di Marco.