Armchair Mysteries

“The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.”
― Arthur Conan Doyle

Comfortable armchair in a study with books in the background

Join Blake McCallum and Victoria Wright at McCallum & Wright Detective Agency and their team of experts in our newest line of unsolved mystery games -  Armchair Mysteries by Dinner Murder Mystery.


During this COVID era where people are spending more time at home,  Armchair Mysteries allow you become a private detective right from your own armchair. 


You have immediate access to an online mystery investigation which can be solved alone or with a small group of friends and family either in person or over Zoom... or other virtual meeting software.

Armchair Mysteries

Deadly DNA - Coming Soon

Two forensic examiners looking at  a crime scene

What happens when a young adopted woman discovers through DNA ancestry testing that she has a birth family in another part of the country?  Well, she gets on a plane and goes in search of them.  Ellie Barlett has gone missing and the McCallum and Wright Detective Agency has just been hired by Marcy and Joe Barlett,  Ellie's adoptive parents, to find her.  Is she taking a break?  Is she in trouble?  Or is she dead?  Blake McCallum and Victoria Wright and their team of experts are determined to discover what has happened to Ellie.

Digging Deeper - Coming Soon

Woman digging a grave while another woman supervises, holding a rose

Blake McCallum spent most of his career as a homicide detective, and for him it had been a higher calling. So when McCallum, now retired from the Seattle Police Department and running his own PI Agency, gets a call for help from Abe Carson, a buddy in the department, he jumps on it.  Even though he won’t get paid, he will reap a ton of indebtedness.  He just has to convince his partner Victoria Wright.  Apparently the SPD  just closed over 100 cold cases, mostly due to lack of funds and Abe feels this one, of the body of an unidentified man discovered partially buried in a cemetery  back on May 4, 2014 needs a closer look, especially since forensic testing has improved in the last couple of years.

The Unlocked Door - Coming Soon

an open door

When Callie Hayes, the bookkeeper and all around go-to person at McCallum and Wright goes out on a date with new boyfriend, Jim Dey, she winds up needing her coworkers help.  Callie was downtown with Jim  joking around outside of a house with an open door.  Jim dared Callie to run through the house and when she refused, laughingly he proceeded to do so.  But, he never came out.  After calling his name a number of times Callie ventured inside only to find the dead body of a man and no sign of Jim.  Callie's date is missing and is now the prime suspect in a murder case.   Was it a prank gone wrong?  Is Jim in trouble? In hiding?  Is he a murderer? Or has he suffered the same fate as the body found inside the unlocked door?

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