Yes, You Can Host a Murder Mystery

Spyglass inspecting footprints in a Dinner Murder Mystery

Do you enjoy a good murder mystery? Well, while it is enjoyable to snuggle up in a blanket and read a good book or watch a murder mystery movie, you are not limited to that.  A Dinner Murder Mystery party is a way to actively participate in solving a (fictitious) murder while having fun with friends, coworkers and family… or whoever gets invited to your murder mystery party game.


If you have never attended a murder mystery party, then you don’t know what you are missing! And... yes, you CAN host a Murder Mystery, and it's a lot of fun. We have written and hosted a lot.  It's great fun for your friends to dress up, come over, mingle, discuss and play parts, such as CEO's, spies, pirates, cowboys, gangsters (the 1920's kind), IT staff or RAF pilots.


There are lots of options with our murder mystery games, such as a pirate murder mystery game, a western murder mystery, a high-tech murder mystery, a roaring 20's murder mystery.  There are a number of mysteries to chose from, and more are coming.


Usually at a murder mystery game your guests work to solve a mystery and they  usually want to team up with others to figure out what has happened.  You, as the host, facilitate this!  Some guests will help each other, while others will try to obstruct. Some secrets they won’t want to share. One way they may help themselves is to eavesdrop on other conversations as they mingle.


Preparing to host a Mystery night can be broken down into these parts

  • For your guests: choose, invite, confirm and assign characters to them
  • Plan the dinner menu (or break menu).
  • Decorate for the mystery.  There are many options for decorations and they can be as fancy, or as easy as you choose. See our blog posts about decorations here. You may, for example, want to have a coordinated color scheme, such as gold, black or red.
  • Round up necessary game items: background music (see our free Spotify themed playlists when you purchase) certificates, gifts, your costume, pencils/pens, etc.
  • Print character name tags and table nameplates.

 There are a variety of games that we offer at: Dinner Murder Mystery including a 1920's murder mystery party, cowboys set in a western murder mystery, a pirate murder mystery, a London mystery game, a wine-tasting mystery game, and a Silicon-valley high-tech computer mystery game.