Guest's Costume Suggestions for a Dinner Murder Mystery Game

Costume ideas

Do you remember getting dressed up as a kid and acting out a make-believe world? I do. I was Josephine and my older sister was Irene, pretend names given to us by my sister. We used to love to get dressed up in my mother’s old clothes and parade around in awfully big shoes. Remember how fun that used to be? Well, now you can replay those childhood fantasies as a sensible adult. It’s a chance that rarely comes along. Murder mystery party games  such as Dinner Murder Mystery offer you and your friends the chance to get dressed up and pretend to be someone else for a few hours just like you loved to do as a kid. We make it possible for everyone who participates.


Being in costume is a fun way to get your friends talking and laughing at your mystery evening. You can also get some amazing pictures to keep as mementos or to post on social media for all to see.  Send them to Dinner Murder Mystery with a signed permission and will will post them on our website if they are age appropriate.


Our murder mystery party kits cover a variety of times and eras from pirate mysteries such as Pirate's Plunder to western murder mystery games such as Murder in Deadwood. You can even be a spy in our World War 2 mystery game, Spies in London, or a 1920's Murder Mystery, The Joker's Wild.  In our games each guest has a certain character to play. Even if the game is set in our current culture, there is an opportunity to wear something other than what would be their norm.


We have seen some awesome costumes at games we have hosted and we have discovered that you don’t have to break the bank to do so. If you are talented at sewing you could make your own costume, or you can visit second-hand shops, fancy-dress shops or even local theater companies.  At first your guests may not want to put the time and effort into getting a costume together, but as the party date draws closer, they usually get excited about it.


Some motivations for your guests - and these can be included in reminder emails:

  • Other guests may be going all-out to come up with a good costume. A guest doesn't want to look lame by showing up with a poor (or no) costume when others are decked out.
  • There are awards for Best Costume, male and female - these certificates are part of the package we send you.
  • Many of the mysteries have costumes that are pretty easy to come by – our pirate mystery game, our western mystery, our roaring twenties mystery… some people have attire for these around already, maybe as a Halloween costume. One mystery, Cloak and Data, doesn't really require a costume unless the host decides on a certain seasonal theme. However, guests can still dress according to the character they are playing.

What do I do if someone arrives at a party without a costume and feels uncomfortable?

What do I do if someone arrives at a party without a costume and feels uncomfortable?