How to decorate for a Murder Mystery party

Tips on how to decorate for a Dinner Murder Mystery party game.

Decorating for a Dinner Murder Mystery party is as limitless as your imagination. If you are one of those uncomplicated types you may just want to have the place looking clean and tidy with great food options and call it good to go. We do include a poster or two for each game that you can print out.


One roaring 20s Joker’s Wild Dinner Murder Mystery party we hosted is an example of great decor. The lady we hosted for decorated with posters in black and white of her teens (16 and 19 years old) dressed in their zoot suits and flapper outfits (note that it was a party for her daughter's 16th birthday). The living room was separated from the dining room with hanging red crape and the small tables in the dining room all had red paper tablecloths. Cutlery was gold plastic knives and forks accompanied by black paper napkins. The whole house had a red, black and gold theme to it with music from the roaring 20s playing in the background. The host prearranged the seating and on top of each gold paper plate was a folded card in black and red with the name of the character on it.  Each guest had to find their character's name card.


Their living room had a poster of Iris Azure singing at their speakeasy. There was a sign next to a door with an arrow pointing to Ace’s Dry Cleaners. Their front door was lit up with flashing twinkle lights and a sign by the door saying, “The Joker’s Wild Speakeasy.”


Although we have digital invitations, and evite is also an option, her daughter chose to hand make her invitations in red and black and attached a playing card to the front of each invitation. It was all done very creatively. What is great about a Dinner Murder Mystery party is that each event can be a creative expression of the host.


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