The Joker's Wild, a 1920's a Dinner Murder Mystery Party.

The Joker's Wild accommodates from 14 to 22 players; 32 with extra characters.

“From now on, it is our task to suspect each and every one amongst us.”

― Agatha Christie, And Then There Were None

The Joker's Wild, a 1920's murder mystery party game

The Joker's Wild is set at a Speakeasy on the South side of Chicago in the Roaring 20's. Tonight you will join Ace at a birthday bash for his wife, Lily, along with politicians, gangsters, molls, movie stars, jazz musicians and flappers.


This is the prohibition era where mobsters and crime lords are bootlegging and running protection rackets and casinos. Ace McQueen, owner of the Joker’s Wild, has a lucrative dry cleaning business as a front for the Speakeasy.

Private Eye Jack Smack and his partner Samantha Spade are also on a case tonight. A good time was being had by all – that is until an untimely death takes place and you all become both suspects and sleuths in this roaring 1920's Murder Mystery Party.

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Dinner Murder Mystery game The Joker's Wild, accommodates from 14 to 22 characters. Delivered electronically immediately.


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Ten extra characters for The Joker's Wild to add to the initial game. 5 each male and female characters.   Delivered electronically immediately.


Guests playing the role of reporters

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For the Host

Your package will include everything you need to set up and host the Mystery. It includes detailed instructions, a Mystery Night timeline. a character-assignment spreadsheet, digital invitations, digital assignments and lots more. Also included are award certificates (best costume, etc.) and name tags.

For the Guests

We provide all the information you'll need to give your guests, including character profiles, dress suggestions, initial information to share at their discretion, additional (secret) information about their character and others and maps. One of your guests will be the chief detective, organizing the search for the murderer.


Each guest has their own private web page with the above information, and another page for after dinner with more secrets and suggested actions.

What You'll Get

Digital Awards Voting


Example of the awards voting screen the Host has access to at the end of the Mystery. Once the guests have all voted for Best M/F Actor, Actress, Costume and guessed at who the the Murderer is, the Host can access the voting results online in real-time.


Sample Pirates Plunder voting results

Digital Character Assignment

Example of the digital character assignment that you will get as an editable PDF that you can send to your friends once they have RSVPed that they are attending. It can be used to tell them what character they will be playing and give them a link to all their character information.


Sample Jokers Wild character assignment

Digital Guest Invitation

Small example of the digital invitation that you will get as an editable PDF that you can send to your friends to invite them to the Mystery.


Sample Jokers Wild invitation

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