The Goal of a Murder Mystery Game

A secret clue in a Dinner murder mystery party game.

Do you enjoy a good murder mystery? Well, you are not limited to curling by a warm fire and reading a murder mystery book or watching a murder mystery movie. A Dinner Murder Mystery party is a way to actively participate in solving a (ficticious) murder while having fun with friends, coworkers and family… or whoever gets invited to a mystery party.


If you have never attended, or hosted a murder mystery party at home, or elsewhere, then you don’t know what you are missing! It's really not a shot in the dark.


What is the goal of your mystery?

Success at a murder mystery party can be measured in several different ways.  At a mystery game you work to solve a murder mystery and you usually want to team up with others to figure out what has happened. Some guests will help you, while others will try to obstruct you. Some secrets you won’t want to share. One way to help yourself is to eavesdrop on other conversations as you mingle. It's actually surprising how competitive your friends can be.

However, the main goal of the evening is to have fun, even if you don’t personally discover the identity of the murderer. It’s all about the interactions and the enjoyment you get from participating.  If everyone at your party had a blast, solving the mystery is a plus.

Is there more than one goal?

Other than having a lot of fun with friends, sharing a delicious dinner and solving the murder, goals can also be getting the coveted "best dressed" award, or "best actor/actress "award.  For those who have gone "all out" on their costume, getting recognition can be fun. When all is said and done your friends will be looking forward to the next murder mystery party that you host. And... we at Dinner Murder Mystery are happy to accommodate you! 


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