Dinner Murder Mystery games can all be played from a cell phone

Dinner Murder Mysteries can be played from your cellphone, tablet, PC or Mac, without printing out a bunch of PDFs, like some others.

Are these games all PDFs and require a lot of paperwork? No! Our Dinner Murder Mystery games are different from most other murder mysteries out there because all of our games can be played right from a cellphone or any digital device. We have well over 350 plus webpages across all of our games on our website (although most of them are initially hidden, available after purchase.) Each character is able to access their information via their own webpages. Each character has two webpages with pictures and all kinds of information on them: character profile, dress suggestions, relationships, history, suggested actions, secret information etc. The first page is a password protected link given by the host prior to the murder mystery party, allowing the guest to become familiar with their character. Each character gets a player instructional guide with general information about how to play, and any documents such as maps, wills and letters that their specific character uses. The second page is a password protected link given toward the end of dinner/break with additional secret information about their characters and other characters… so more secrets and suggested actions to perform.


One really cool feature of our murder mystery kits that we haven’t seen in other murder mystery games is that guests vote electronically for the best actor/actress, best dressed etc. The results are tallied electronically for the host which is a huge time saver.


We attended a murder mystery game years ago with printed character information. Due to mood lighting many people had a hard time seeing their printed instructions. With a cellphone that is automatically backlit that problem goes away.


There are a variety of games that we offer here at Dinner Murder Mystery including a 1920's murder mystery party, cowboys set in a western murder mystery, a pirate murder mystery, a London mystery game, a wine mystery game, and a data computer mystery game.