A Notebook comes in handy at a Dinner Murder Mystery party

A Top secret notebook, spyglass and pen, used for an exciting Dinner Murder Mystery party game.

Over the years we have hosted many Dinner Murder Mystery parties and we realized that one item that it is handy to have at your party is a notebook or notepad or even some paper and a pen to jot down things you hear or want to investigate further during the mystery.  A notepad can help you and each guest keep track of the history of events as well as the clues guests get from other guests at the game. As your guests take notes it can be helpful for them to look over their hastily written notes as the evening progresses to see what has been recorded.  Sometimes a mystery can be pieced together overall by looking at small details.  You may want to tell your guests, however, to hold on to their notepads as they have on occasion been stolen by ambitious competitors.  As host you can provide some paper and pens if you so choose. However, if you want to create some atmosphere and add to the fun you can get creative.


Take a look at some of the options below: Here is a set of small 24 notepads that are quite inexpensive:



 Here is a set of 4 notepads but they are well done:



Here are a number of options from Etsy:



Alternatively you could purchase some inexpensive notebooks or pads and stamp “top secret” onto them. https://www.amazon.com/SECRET-Self-Inking-Rubber-Stamp/dp/B018J17YOQ/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=top+secret+stamp&qid=1606432996&sr=8-3


You can get as creative and imaginative as you choose. An alternative would be to cut and staple some paper together and on the cover stamp "Top Secret" on it. One party we attended had small “Top Secret” notepads on the dinner tables next to character name plates, creating some added atmosphere. They were done in black, white and red to match the color theme for our glamorous roaring 1920’s murder mystery game, The Joker’s Wild. 


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