Murder Mystery Games for Teens and Tweens

Teens and tweens enjoying a mystery party from Dinner Murder Mystery.

Do we have any Dinner Murder Mystery games appropriate for teens or tweens? Yes we do. Students will absolutely have a blast playing our murder mystery games and we have experienced that first hand. We have found that “whodunit” activities are very popular with this age group. We have hosted a number of teen parties at both private homes and at church youth group parties. Our games have been used at end-of-year youth group parties and also at youth group Christmas parties.


We have several (tame) - teen versions of our games that work great for tweens and teens. We have tame versions of Pirate’s Plunder, our pirate murder mystery game and also Murder in Deadwood, our western murder mystery game. Pirate’s Plunder has 26 characters with an extra 10 character package. Murder in Deadwood has 22 characters with two extra 10 character packages. Spies in London would also work for teens. It covers some interesting historical facts that take place during the Second World War that would be informative. The total number for the Spies in London game is between 12-14 people. The Joker’s Wild,  our 1920's murder mystery game could be played by mature teens, but the mystery game takes place during prohibition so there is talk about alcohol in it. All of our games involve murder but it is done tastefully and in good fun. We’ve found that teens love to role play and become detectives/sleuths while keeping certain information secret. They also enjoy dressing in costume for the occasion. It’s surprising how all-out some teens go to play murder mystery games.


Problem solving and deductive reasoning are skills that teens are able to develop while playing a murder mystery game as they mingle and play the part of the sleuth, questioning others to discover answers. Our games are interactive and cater to teens with various social skills. The main idea is for them to have fun.