How is the murderer revealed?

Crime scene tape, symbolizing a discussion of how the murderer is revealed in our Dinner Murder Mystery party games.

In our Dinner Murder Mystery games the murderer(s) is/are revealed at the end of the game after electronic voting for best actor/actress, best male/female costume and the identity of the murderer has taken place. The host will get an electronic tally of the voting. Just prior the big reveal guests sit together and share their secrets. Everyone is always surprised by all the things that have been happening and this is usually something the guests enjoy and in which they like to participate. (Although the murderer is asked that he/she not reveal that they are the murderer during this time. All will be revealed when the solution is played via an Mp3 Audio Solution.


Actually the host has two options as far as presenting the solution.

The first option is that the host plays an Audio Mp3 Solution that we provide. We think this is preferable. The audios are usually less than two minutes. There may be a few games that have second detailed audios that can be played if guests are interested in how the solution came about and the how(s) and why(s) of the murder. We at Dinner Murder Mystery highly recommend playing these audio solutions as they tie all the pieces of the puzzle together. Lots may have been happening right in front of you that you never realized.


The second option is that we provide a written solution that can be read by the detective/sheriff or whoever is in charge of the investigation toward the conclusion of each game.


Both options are totally valid, and it is up to the host to select the method. At the end of the game once the murderer is revealed those who guessed the murderer when they voted will be presented with an Award Certificate and possible gift. There are often a few people who figure it out.


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