Decorating a tablescape for a Dinner Murder Mystery

A table decorated for a Dinner Murder Mystery party game.

When you plan your dinner one way to be creative is how you set up and decorate the tables. You can add ideas based on the Dinner Murder Mystery that you choose. Paper tablecloths work great… whether red or black or even gold.


One way to decorate is to add a couple of magnifying glasses on a big table or one on each individual table. Another idea is to go with the theme of the actual murder mystery game.  For example, at a Murder in Deadwood party we hosted there were handcuffs on each table as a reminder that someone was going to be carted off to jail at the end of the game… so to speak.  For a glam roaring twenties murder mystery you could create a 1920s vignette; mirrored trays, art deco glassware, vintage china, ornate candlesticks, for example. If you are short on ideas watch a 1920’s flapper and gangster movie.  For our Spies in London murder mystery you may want to go classy with white tablecloths and a more elegant look, after all it is held at an English manor house in the 1940’s.  It’s during the 2nd Word War so perhaps a few small English flags as centerpieces on the tables would be good.  Also, there could be a military theme.



Here are some examples of magnifying glasses you could get:



Here's an example of toy handcuffs that would work for a table decoration:



Once again, you can get as creative as you like and it adds a little atmosphere to the party.  



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