What is a Digital Invitation?

Example of one of our editable digital PDF invitations for your Dinner Murder Mystery party game.

At Dinner Murder Mystery  we offer digital invitations for all of our murder mystery games that are customizable PDFs. Our digital invitations are atmospheric and include a picture for each mystery. In case you don’t know, digital invitations have some entry fields that the host can fill in to announce the mystery they are hosting.  The invitations include: who is hosting, the given time and the location and who to RSVP. The digital invitation can then be included in your emails that are sent to potential guests for your murder mystery party.  Your guests can then reply directly to your email invite to RSVP.


As the host you can download the PDF, fill in your data and save it as a PDF, naming it anything you like, and then including it as an attachment in an email.  Any other information you want to include outside of the PDF can be included in your email.


If you prefer to send these sophisticated invitations by mail they can be printed at home, or at a print shop and mailed.  We recommend you still email however because the links to your characters are also included by email.  Our games are all played on a cellphone and information is all accessed electronically.


Each one of our digital invitations expresses some of the character of the mystery.  You can take a look at a sample of each digital invitation for each game below. Note that the Digital Invitation on the left is the one we use for Cloak and Data.     

If you want to go and see the unique Digital invitations for each game, then go to the game webpage for each Dinner Murder Mystery game and look at Digital Invitations under "What you Get."  


We will always have a digital invitation for each game that we create.  We hope you enjoy them and that your guests will be intrigued and quickly RSVP for your Dinner Murder Mystery game.


There are a variety of games that we offer here at Dinner Murder Mystery including a 1920's murder mystery party, cowboys set in a western murder mystery, a pirate murder mystery, a London mystery game, a wine mystery game, and a data computer mystery game.