Looking for a Seasonal Murder Mystery Party?

A Dinner Murder Mystery party game is great for a seasonable Office Holiday Party

Do you want to host a Dinner Murder Mystery party at a particular time in the year?  Perhaps you want to celebrate on July 4th, or have a fun Halloween party.  Perhaps a New Year’s Party is the only time when all of your friends are available to gather together at the same time. Most murder mystery party games stem from a theme and sometimes they are set around a particular season.


However, one of our mysteries, Cloak and Data, is set at a company party. We have deliberately left it vague in the mystery as to when the party is held so that the host can customize it. It can be a Christmas/Holiday party, a New Year’s Eve party, or any other seasonal celebration in between. For example it could be set in the spring, on the 4th of July, at Halloween or during the Thanksgiving time frame. Alternatively this game can just be a company end-of-project or production party if you so choose.


College students often like to have celebrations just prior to the end of the school year a little while before studying for finals. Christmas is also a popular time for Murder Mystery games.


We have had some small companies that have enjoyed our Murder Mystery kits and sometimes they just want to do some team-building.  There seriously isn’t a better way to build some camaraderie with employees than to host a Dinner Murder Mystery team-building party.  We have several games that cater to 40 players.  However, for the seasonal one we recommend Cloak and Data as it can be used at any particular time and also accommodates up to 40 people. 


All of our games make for great Halloween parties when people are already considering dressing up.  If you choose Cloak and Data at Halloween it can still be a costume party and people come dressed in whatever costume they want to choose. 


There are a variety of games that we offer here at Dinner Murder Mystery including a 1920's murder mystery party, cowboys set in a western murder mystery, a pirate murder mystery, a London mystery game, a wine mystery game, and a data computer mystery game.