Meal suggestions on a budget for a dinner murder mystery game

Budget party food for hosting a great Dinner Murder Mystery party game.

Providing a meal at a Dinner Murder Mystery party is a big part of the evening.  It gives the guests an opportunity to take a break from mingling and sleuthing and to have some sustenance and refreshments and get some added vigor for the time that follows.  It also allows time for people at a mystery party at home to have some meaningful conversations with other guests and even to notice their costumes as well.  One thing for you as the host is to realize that it doesn’t have to break the bank or be a shot in the dark to provide a meal, even if it is upwards of 40 people if you’ve using one of our games that have extra sets of add-on characters to accommodate larger parties. 


 Check out some of the websites that we have included in this blog.  Below are several sites that we get ideas from:

 This site has some great party meal ideas.  Some options are: a pasta bar, a potato bar or a taco bar.  Potatoes are actually very inexpensive and toppings will make them into a meal.  Tacos are also a great option as ground beef is one of the less expensive meats and cans for refried beans, lettuce and tomatoes are also inexpensive.  Check out their recipes.

Penny Pincher has 100 cheap and easy casserole recipes.  Check out the Hamburger casserole that can be served with a side salad.  It may not be low-calorie, but definitely inexpensive and tasty for a group event.

Check out their chili recipe.  Chili is easy to make in a crockpot or two, and can be served with corn bread and a salad.  It’s inexpensive to make and tasty.

Taste of Home has 50 recipes that will feed a crowd.  Check out the Double-Duty Layered Enchilada Casserole. This can be prepared ahead of time and can be served at your Dinner Murder Mystery party with salad and tortilla chips. These are just a few options.  There are many creative ways to cut costs.

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