Should I have a photo booth at my Dinner Murder Mystery party?

Photo booth at a Dinner Murder Mystery party game.

When you host your Dinner Murder Mystery party a great way to make your mystery party special and memorable is to have a photo booth. Have you ever gone to a wedding that has a photo booth?  There is usually a lineup of people waiting to use it.  They are very popular!  Photo booths are always fun and guests are able to keep photos as mementos of their evening in costume and those of others. They also encourage your guests to have fun with each other. People are already dressed for the occasion and love the idea of sharing pictures with those who came with them or those who are their friends.


If you don’t have the right photo equipment you can hire photo booth rentals which include everything from great cameras to high quality printers. Your guests are able to have the photos uploaded to their social media sites as well.


Photo booths have lots of props and backdrops as well which can make the pictures at your murder mystery turn out even better. So yes, if you are thinking of adding a photo booth to your Dinner Murder Mystery party, it would make a great addition.


If you want to be economical we at Dinner Murder Mystery have hosted parties where the guests have had their own homemade photo booth. One church party we hosted had shimmery paper in one corner of the room with a bunch of props on a nearby table and students were taking pictures with cellphones and disposable cameras. Later on many of those photos ended up on the church youth webpage and social media pages.


When you are making decorations just make a few signs with cute sayings on them to use with the pictures. Try to keep with the theme of the evening... such as spies, computer nerds, western or pirate themes, or the roaring 20's.  It's all great fun!


Alternatively Amazon has some great photo booth props. See the following links below:


Here are roaring 20’s props:


Here are pirate props:


Here are western props:


Here’s a photo booth backdrop:


If you can’t find the exact photo booth props you are looking for, try making some. It’s really as easy as your imagination. If you find you don’t have the time or the inclinations assign a friend or two the task of making some. Many hands make the load easier. So, have fun! You are going to have a great evening!


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